distributed scalable biomass solutions


The Mini Mill is the basic first tool of our activity. Tuzetka has focused on the development of the “Mini Mill”, a transportable low costs pellet plant that can pelletise different kind of biomass: wood but also straw, digestate, …

Our transportable concept (2.0): the Mini Mill

Easy to operate, the Mini Mill has the following technical specifications (version 2.0):

  1. output: 2 tons of pellets per hour, diameter 6, 8, 10mm, (the exact efficiency is also depending on the moisture content, local plant management, regular supply of raw material)

  2. chopper or straw shredder

  3. hammer mill

  4. 2 pelletisers, vertical die, standard 110Kw electrical motors

  5. one interim silo, capacity 8m³ per pelletiser

  6. screw conveyors

  7. dryer

  8. 1 cooler (3T/hour) with heat recuperation for the additional drying of the biomass

  9. footprint: 20x20m and 5 meters height

  10. electrical power: 320KW @ 380-400V

The Mini Mill is multi-biomass based: developed for wood waste, it was tested and operated with straw.



The Mini Mill is currently commercially available from Tuzetka. We have a production capacity of several dozen “Mini Mills” per month .

Next improvements

Tuzetka is permanently working on several improvements for example:

  1. hard surfacing of the rollers for a longer life time (800 hours for straw with large silicon content);

  2. heat recuperation for the drying and preheating of the biomass

  3. high torque output electrical motors to reduce the global energy consumption.

The team is now focusing on the following plant to duplicate the transportable concept able to process “where the biomass is” and avoiding in the same time the interim transport from fields to plant which are always costly and not very sustainable.

A safe investment

The Mini Mill principally produces pellets for energy. However, the pellet format can also be used for many others applications like animal bedding, animal feeding,.. The portability of the equipment allows the owner to install the Mini Mills near the biomass and when the biomass is ; biomass is a very seasonal raw material.

The portability and its low tech concept is mitigating many risks for its owner.

Product Quality

The target is to provide renewable fuel with the highest balance of renewable CO2.

The final product is highly dependent of several parameters: moisture content, hygrometry, particles size; thanks to its experiences, Tuzetka assist you to install and to supply the performing material.

Among the certifications, Tuzetka is implementing the sustainable criteria of the norms NTA 80-80. By following this standard, the producer of pellets will be sure that the production will match the criteria of the buyers (IWPB) and the sustainable criteria often required by the financing institutions.

From March 2012, each new plant manager will be trained to apply the EN+ certification. The EN+ standard applies mainly for the domestic heating pellets, not for the industrial pellets.

Energy bundle

In order to operate where the electricity availability is low or not reliable, Tuzetka is now developing an energy bundle which is combining a gasifier with a generator set plus a Mini Mill.

The bundle will primarily be used for the energy generation (heat and electricity) for the Mini Mill (3.0).

The bundle could be sold also as independent equipment to convert domestic waste into energy.

The complete bundle will be operational and available in 3Q 2012.