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Partnership opportunities

We aspire to expand continuously our network in Western Europe and we are keen to meet with people who have access to either raw materials or biomass products.

Biomass owners:

Are you involved in forestry or agriculture and see opportunities to use your biomass residues/waste for energy or another purposes?

Have you identified a biomass production opportunity and are looking for a partner to develop the project and market the product? contact us: info@2zk.eu, +32 478 475 433

Sourcing agents:

Tuzetka has an active  network of agents and contacts in Central Europe assisting us in locally sourcing and organising the biomass supply chain.

If you have access to solid biomass (such as wood pellets or sunflower husk pellets) or raw materials suitable to produce solid biomass (such as forest residues and agricultural residues), please contact us: info@2zk.eu, +32 478 475 433.

End-users (utilities, municipalities,,…)

Are you interested in organising your dedicated and secured supply?

Together we can operate the sourcing and processing operations in Central Europe. Moreover, we can of course establish dedicated energy crop supply sources and chains.

For municipalities, Tuzetka can organise the local supply of biomass for your district heating.

This specific “land for heat” program will use the abandoned or marginal lands in your region to supply the necessary solid biofuels. For EU municipalities, many incentives and funding schemes are in place to ease the financing with local social and economical benefits.

Please contact us: info@2zk.eu, +32 478 475 433.