distributed scalable biomass solutions

Tuzetka's Founders are assisted by a number of hands-on advisors with expertise in energy efficiency technology and measures, forestry, finance and politics.

Tuzetka’s Founders are:

Patrick de Jamblinne
Since 1990, Patrick has mostly worked in Central and Eastern Europe. He speaks, Czech, Slovak, Russian, English and Dutch in addition to his French mother-tongue. His expertise is in the development of business opportunities in these countries.

Patrick is devoted to European integration, the development of bio-resources and European integration. Patrick can be reached here: patrick@2zk.eu.

Alexis Figeac

Alexis has been working in the past 18 years in the financial and consulting industries. He came to Germany shortly after reunification to work at the privatisation administration (Treuhandanstalt), where his mission was to identify and deal with foreign investors for the East German enterprises that were due for privatisation. This knowledge was then later used for consultancy towards East European institutions undertaking economic reform. Beyond such macro-economic approaches, then was he very much micro-economic oriented, by managing corporate reconstruction assignments at Price Waterhouse in the mid-90s. As from 1999 he focused attention towards investing, especially through Venture Capital (VC). At T-Venture he was responsible for half a dozen direct investments as well as their fund-of-fund vehicle. Having identified the potential of Venture Capital for clean technologies back in 2002, he launched Axiom VC, together with Guus Keder.

Axiom has done much advisory work on cleantech VC and has also invested in young enterprises in this field. Whilst having obtained initially a Computer Science degree, then he studied for a postgraduate certificate in economics and went on to gain a Diplome Grande Ecole at ESCP-EAP. Given his business focus, he completed a postgrad evening course in 2006 with a degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.

Tuzetka is also working with :

Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands.

The Dutch university of Wageningen is closely involved in the test phase for the selection of seeds, preparation of the seeding and harvesting protocols.

Together with Tuzetka, Wageningen is establishing the parameters and analysis for a sustainable supply chain.